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620 N Callow Ave
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 Wednesday thru Saturday: 10:00 - 5:00

Sunday thru Tuesday: by appointment

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Over 200 machines on the floor at all times
I'm often asked, "Who buys typewriters?"

Well.... the answer is all over the map, we get older generations returning to typewriters, software folks who just want to get offline, slow down their lives.
Doctors, lawyers, published authors, teenagers, kids as young as five years begging for a machine. 

Climate Pledge Arena  came in a few months ago and bought a typewriter for one of their upcoming musicians, John Mayer. They purchased a Hermes 3000 with a cursive type for him. After the concert I asked Pledge Arena "How'd it go with Mayer?" They said the machine went with him.. guess he liked it.

I had a native American artist come in and buy two machines over the course of last year. He has permanent displays in the Metropolitan Art Museum in NYC.

From what I gather, all these people want a connection with the past for those who are old enough to have experienced it, the younger generation... discovering what the past had to offer when life was slower and a bit more tangible.

This is a small sampling of who are buying typewriters

​PS: If you haven't seen "California Typewriter", do so....