Typewriter Fever will be opening up a typewriter museum this fall in Bremerton, Wa. It will be a humble collection compared to the major collections in the world, but it will have some significant machines and give a good time line in typewriter history.

That said, we are looking for machines to purchase to fill in the gaps!

You can reach us at: email

Please include description of machines and photos, asking price, etc etc.

Thank you in advance,

Typewriter Fever    

Below are photos of our new store under a facelift

Store as  bought March 20,2019
Removed cabinets, stub walls, redundant wiring, TSP'd walls, primered painted same, textured new walls,
Replaced door to middle room, going to brick buttresses and back wall soon. Remove carpet and get down to concrete floor for cleanig. New LED's in store for the store.... Glass display cabinets on the left wall and Costco shelves on the right for the retail side. As soon as we're done with this room, onto the middle room, it won't be as labor intensive as this one!